Black History

Black faces burnt by the sun

Because black eyes

Have looked to the skies

To search for a black heaven

Away from this black hell


Black backs bent over so small

To cut down cane that grows so tall

With black hands

Caked with dirt

Of foreign sands

Long to feel the earth

Of the motherlands


Black hands that once held

Black babes

To black breasts

To nurture a black future?

Like a black bird

In the nest

Without black wings

To fly from black things

What good is direction

If we end up in black rings?

On black feet

Round black necks

In white fleets

On white decks

To sail cross the black seas

Now white rods

We must reck

Or face a black fate

In black char, hang and swing

In black decades we must wait

Till a black man is king


We will buy our black freedoms

And buy back the black earth

And work hard for white souls

Till the day we rebirth

Born black

Die black

That’s the way it must go

‘Cause these times ent nothin’ more than

Meltin’ white snow’


2 thoughts on “Black History

  1. This is just pure awesome! So many things to say but one of the things I like best about this is how you reclaim the word black from the black and white dichotomy metaphor we have in Western thinkgin (black=evil, white=good) and you redefine it in so many ways. This is so profound and the flow is fantastic.


    • i’m glad you like it earthslang, i had written it for the year of people of African descent, as it just felt right. The thing is though i’m ashamed to say i know very little about my background, rather only what has been fed to me in history class and watching re-runs of “Roots”. Its sorta sad but i intend on widening my ancestral knowledge base.


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